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The Lutheran Hour
June 16, 2018
Tell Me a Story!






Many of you have read the series “Chronicles of the Kings.” Lynn Austin has written another series of three books called “The Restoration Chronicles.”

#1 –Return to Me tells the story of God’s people who were captured and spent decades in exile in Babylon.

     A prophesy of God is coming true as King Cyrus told the Jews that they could now return to Jerusalem.

     Read about their journey back to Jerusalem by those who decided to return, the hardships they endured and the two men who lived by faith in the midst of doubt and the faithful remnant who rebuild their lives and the temple in Jerusalem.

#2 – Keeper of the Covenant

#3 – And This Foundation

     A special thank you to Pastor Burger, Jackie (Phyllis Crippen’s daughter), and an anonymous door for their books.                                                             

           Virginia F., Librarian