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November 19, 2017
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November 18, 2017
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The Green Country Reformation Jubilee is a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation that was marked by Luther’s nailing of his ninety-five theses challenging abuses in the church that had obscured the gospel. A regional service of word and music is scheduled for October 29th at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 400 N Aspen in Broken Arrow (just south of 71st/Kenosha on Aspen/145th). The service will include an orchestra and mass choir consisting of musicians and singers from LCMS congregations in the three Circuits of eastern Oklahoma.

The service begins at 4 pm, though folks are encouraged to come early to hear the pre-service “recital” by various performers that begins at 3:30. The preacher is Rev. Bart Day, who formerly was a leader in the Synod’s Office of Mission, but was recently named as CEO of the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF).

Following the service, a reception is scheduled. The meal will include catered BBQ meat. There is no cost for those who attend the reception. A small memorial trinket also will be provided.

An offering will be taken. In consideration of the Synod’s emphasis on Witness, Mercy, and Life Together, the offering will be split three ways:  Witness—LCMS Urban and Inner-City Mission Mercy—LCMS Disaster Response Life Together—LCMS Joint Seminary Fund.                                                    















                A fire broke out at Redeemer Lutheran Church on the evening of December 1, 2016 and destroyed the building  which housed its fellowship hall, kitchen, library, nursery, and offices.  Dedicated firefighters worked through the evening to contain the fire, and saved the congregation’s sanctuary.   There was, however, smoke smell that needed to be abated immediately, and this work, along with repairs and restoration, continued in the narthex and sanctuary in the weeks following the fire.  

                Plans for the replacement of the 1950s and 1960s “fellowship” building had been underway for many months, even years, before the fire; and a capital fundraising campaign had been initiated in the fall of 2016.  The fire obviously accelerated the need to replace what was lost.  Within three weeks after the fire, the congregation hired TAP Architecture of Oklahoma City as architects for a new building.  The church office and spaces for meetings and other church activities were moved into the house the congregation owns just across the street.  The three-room Sunday school “annex” building which had also been spared, was promptly moved away from the burn site to provide space for a nursery and classrooms.    

                Fire investigators combed through the remains of the burned building and determined the fire had been of an electrical origin.  Members then retrieved what little could be salvaged from the burned building.  Extensive inventories of lost items were prepared as needed for the insurance settlement.  Early in 2017 CRV Company of Claremore took down and removed the remains of the burned building.

                From late winter into spring the building committee collected information from members of the congregation and met a number of times with TAP Architecture to determine space, design, and furnishings needs for the new building.  The architects have done extensive work to prepare building drawings.  At the same time work was done for the site and building by Wallace Engineering from Tulsa.  Also, necessary communications with the City of Claremore about permits and requirements were made.

                In May the congregation formally approved construction of the new building and authorized seeking a loan to enable construction to begin.  Extensive paperwork had to be prepared and meetings held to apply for the building loan with Lutheran Church Extension Fund.  Application was also made with Laborers for Christ, an organization that provides retired Lutheran workers who come from across the country in the likes of motorhomes, to spend weeks doing the actual construction work on the building.

                Although there had earlier been hopes of beginning to build the new building as early as the summer of 2017, a more realistic current goal would be to do the extensive work of preparing the soil for the site, laying the foundation, and pouring a slab during what remains of 2017.  Building up from there could then begin in 2018. 





We are so grateful that our sanctuary was saved from the fire.     




          Tap Architecture is continuing our design and construction development. This looks to be about 65% complete for the master plan.

          We presently continue to work on the property which requires removing and replacement of soil. The existing soil must be lime modified on-site clay. This would be approved to construct the 30” LVC fill layer for the building pad and 10” fill layer. There is also work to be done to satisfy the city for lot combination description in order to generate a warranty deed.

          Blackmon/Moaring, our restoration company, has almost completed the work to restore the church back to the original condition.

                                                                                                  Don Purkey

                                                                                                  Building Committee

                                                                                                  July, 2017



          Volunteers are needed for several events that will be coming up this fall.  In September we will need volunteers to man the booth at the Rogers Co. Fair; October brings 'Trunk or Treat,' and that always means we'll need lots of candy and lots of trunks; December brings the bell ringers and the Christmas parade. All need lots of volunteers. If you can help with any of these, please let Marilyn know. 






    If you're retirement age and like snacks, games, and fellowship, join us for the fun of it in our "Office House on the 2nd Friday of the month beginning at 6 p.m for a potluck,  Please bring your favorite games or cards and a snack or potluck item to share.  Come join our merry crew for games  and laughter Friday, November 10, at 6:00 pm in the "Office house" north of the church.   The Youth group will play Bunco with us again at our September potluck.  Join this intergenerational fun!


    Please consider adding your voice in praise to the Lord when we re-convene Wednesday night, August 30, at 7:00 pm.