November, 2017:   It's been a long struggle, but, with the approval of our loan from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), we can begin working on the land.  We are in the process of running the underground electric.  This requires the removal of our present transformer location and installing a new system located at the street easement.  This will require a switchover from one transformer to the other, disconnecting power to the church.  That should be completed in a week. 

   Next comes the dirt work, and we are hoping to sign with a local contractor this week.  This project requires the removal of 30+ inches of soil with the replacement of different material.  Once all this is completed, we will begin all the footings and foundation work, along with plumbing, etc.  During the dirt work, it will be necessary to remove the present sidewalk on 5th Street, plus the canopy to the church on the west side. 

   Our commitment is to have all concrete and slab work finished and ready for construction by March, 2018. 

   The parking lot work, plus many other ground requirements will be covered in phase 2 and will begin mostly during 2018. 

   We have contracted with Laborers for Christ who will construct the Fellowship Hall and will be arriving here in March.  We ask for you patience and prayers. 

                                         Don Purkey,

                                         Building Committee Chairman



See the source imageUpcoming KAIROS: Our spring Kairos weekend is scheduled for May 3-6. We appreciate all the help in the previous weekend events and look forward to your continued help. We can provide your witness by baking cookies, making placemats and posters, monetary donations, and of course PRAYERS. Please consider helping in our outside team, which helps prepare food for the weekend. We also need participants for the closing ceremony in which you can see the Spirit of God working. Please talk with Dan Trebus after church or at 910-922-1639 if you have any questions or want to know who you can help. THANK YOU




Friendship Feasts are a joint endeavor of Redeemer Lutheran with First Christian Church to provide a weekly meal and fellowship in our neighborhood for families, children, and singles, especially those who may be in need of a meal.  The meals are offered each Monday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Family Life Center of First Christian (5th and Florence).

 Redeemer Lutheran has two crews that alternate serving the meal on the second Monday of each month. People are needed to help prepare and serve the meal, prepare desserts, and help clean up.  The work is not difficult and goes smoothly when there are plenty of workers.  Speak to one of the leaders or call our church office if you would like to be a part of this real “hands on” opportunity to serve. 

    Our next chance to serve will be on Monday, July 9.  Please contact Roz if you'd like to help.







This is the first shipment of quilts made for Lutheran World Relief by the group.


Image result for free pictures of quilting      If you like to quilt, this is for you!  The ladies of Redeemer Lutheran are quilting for missions through Lutheran World Relief.  They have a new working  address for the summer--1414 W. Clint--at Kathy F's. house.  If you need directions or more information, please contact Kathy F.  They meet from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm every Monday.  Bring any supplies you might need (scissors, etc.) and join in for a good cause, good fellowship and a good time.  

.      Come join in the fun while working on a worthwhile mission project. No previous sewing experience needed! 




        This team travels to Tulsa's Lutheran Church of Our Savior on the 2nd Tuesday of school months to produce books of the Bible in Braille format.  All publications by Lutheran Braille Workers are offered free of charge, and are made possible through the efforts of over 5,000 faithful volunteers. These books are shipped around the world to spread the Word of God's love to all nations.  They take a summer break at Lutheran Church of our Savior, and will resume in the fall. 


                                                                                                                            Our August, 2017 kick-off group  

See the source image  At the meeting of Redeemer Lutheran’s voters on Sunday, March 18, copies of the most recently updated constitution and bylaws of Redeemer Lutheran were distributed and minor changes were approved.  Every Redeemer Lutheran family should have a copy.  Request yours from the church office.  Also a brief form of the congregation’s financial report through February was distributed.  You are welcome to request from the church office a copy of the brief form or the fully-detailed financial report for your review.



LWML efforts have raised tens of thousands of dollars for missions and leader training.  You can help by saving inkjet and laser printer cartridges (almost any kind except Epson).  Put them in the box the new one came in and bring them to church.  Also accepted (working or not) are cell phones, pagers, PDAs, I-Pods, MP3 Players, DVD Video Games/Players, Digital Cameras, Laptop computers, GPS systems, scientific calculators (include cords and accessories).  Thank you!


Please gather up all your old eyeglasses and cases, bring them to church and place them in the box in the narthex.  Diana Nichols will see that they are distributed to the appropriate place.  Please note the thank you card on the bulletin board from MOST MINISTRIES for our recent donation. 




Help spread the word to others about what Lutheran Radio  KFUO can provide for them, including Bible studies, apologetics, Lutheran confessions studies, devotions, sacred music, global Lutheran news, and much more!  Help spread the love of Jesus Christ worldwide. KFUO can be found at and followed at 



 You can listen to the best of the Church's music 24/7 at  You can also listen on mobile devices like an iPhone, iPad and an Android phone.  Check it out!



THRIVENT MEMBERS are entitled to form 2 "Action Teams" during 2017 to do some helpful, caring, beneficial activity.  Thrivent will give you $250.00 with which to carry out your activity.  You just do a simple application (if you need help speak to Pastor, Cynthia A. or Jean S.), recruit a small team, and go to work doing good!



Have you applied to sponsor an action team?  Each member may do this up to twice a year and receive $250.00 in Thrivent funds for each project.   It is not hard, but you have to go on-line to do so.  Here are the steps:

1.       Log on to 

2.       Enter your ID and password. (If you don’t have these already set up, you can do so at this time.  )

3.       You will be asked for your Thrivent ID #. (You will find this on a card which Thrivent sent to you or on your statements.)

4.       From there just follow the instructions.

If you have questions or need additional help, see our Congregational Advocate, Cynthia A.



      Thrivent Financial for Christians has an ongoing program for its members called “Thrivent Choice.”  In this program, based on premiums paid on Thrivent products owned, members are credited Thrivent Choice Dollars which the members can then direct to a wide variety of approved charities including schools, camps, and congregations like our own.  Even with a relatively small number of members of Redeemer Lutheran directing Thrivent Choice Dollars to our congregation, the amount received reached over $17,000!  Part of this enabled us to complete the funding for our new organ!  These dollars cost us nothing and take just a few minutes of your time to designate!

            If you have internet access you can easily view and direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars.  If you do not have internet access, or prefer the personal touch, just call 1-800-THRIVENT and follow the easy voice prompts to “Choice Dollars” where you will be able to talk to a real person and direct your dollars.  If you have any questions about Thrivent Choice, speak to Jean S. or Cynthia A. 






   It was not until the middle ages that the altars of the Christian church were placed against the chancel wall.  Luther advocated a free standing altar in his comments on his 1526 [Deutsch Messe] German Mass [Luther's Works, American Edition, Vol. 53 p.69].  His preference was for the pastor to face the people when proclaiming the words of institution.  Luther wrote:  "In the true mass. . .the priest should always face the people as Christ doubtlessly did in the Last Supper."  After all, Jesus was sitting at table with the twelve in the upper room and spoke to them when He instituted the Blessed Sacrament.  So when the pastor speaks the Words of Institution he speaks them to the people over the bread and wine.  Those words are Gospel ministry, our Confessions state (Ap.XXIV).

(For the complete article, go to the web and read The Freestanding Altar and the Lord's Supper, written for Gloria Christi Lutheran Church (LC-MS), Greeley, CO.)