Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann



Pastor Fred Naumann


Will you please try to love another person like Jesus loved people? Here are some considerations.


Unlimited love is required. Try to love the neighbor as yourself, maybe, instead of yourself. And the neighbor is the next person who needs something you have and, perhaps he requires one more forgiveness from his seventy-times-seven account.


The object of this beautiful love may not be lovely. He might not belong to the family (or maybe he does). Even an enemy cannot be excluded. You might need to seek him out in those places mentioned in Matthew 25: in prison, city shelter or hospital.


Today's love moves beyond nice people to uninteresting, lonely folk and even a stinker or a self-interested, self-centered complainer. Troublemakers are included, not to be overlooked, but lovingly corrected.


Today's love is your task. George or Pastor cannot do it for you. Don't classify people in order to insulate or isolate your love. It is an unconditional love. The object need not meet your requirements nor some classification before your love begins. You can't wait around until he comes around. And he might not ever know you were the source of supply. Even if he did play while your worked and spent while you saved.


Loveliness is your immediate blessing. Loving makes lovely, versatile people. You will laugh with those who laugh, and weep with those who must mourn. No stranger will remain when you are there. Their secrets and conquests are safe for you to know. You are that island in a sea of sharks, that safe harbor in the storm.


You are a walking sermon on goodness, helpfulness, peace, purity, love and joy. Today, if folks asked me for a picture of Jesus, I would hand them your photograph.


I John 4:19 & 21 We love, because He first loved us. And this commandment we have from Him, that he who loves God should love his brother also.