Monthly Thoughts from Pastor Fred Naumann






Pastor Fred Naumann


A tither is one who gives a tenth part of his annual income, either in kind or money, as thanksgiving to God. What do you call one who gives a fourth part of his annual income? A two and a half tither? (Sounds like we need a swimming pool.) And if we do not have such a word, where do you write to manufacture a new term? I raise the question because I doubt whether a thinking tither would remain a mere tither very long.


Now I know a paradox is true: some folks cannot afford to tithe, and most tithers cannot afford not to tithe. But how can some remain a tither very long?


Might non-tithers and those who merely remain tithers think they may possibly out give Father? Might Father, who owns everything, be only giving you so much, because He allowed you to determine what He was to give you by what you returned of His to Him? (Read that sentence again.)


The lesson of the Widow's Mites (Mark 12:41-44) is not that God rejoices to get loose change and leftovers. The story displays a woman who left the temple with nothing more to give. She gave everything she had. She had placed her entire life in Father's hands.


The Savior promised Give and it will be given you, pressed down and overflowing (Luke 6:38). Now we know that a farmer will reap more per acre from two bushel of seed than from two kernels. Since one cannot out give Father, one should reap more from two and half tithes than from one tithe. So why would a tither remain merely a tither if he has experienced God's blessings from a mere tithe? And this leads us to request a term for a person who gives a quarter rather than merely a tenth of his income.