March 6, 13, 20, 27: Mission Quilters meet at 9:00 am at the white house. All ladies are welcome, no experience necessary.

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: Pastor’s Wednesday’s Bible study. They meet every Wednesday at 10:00 am to study the upcoming reading for Sunday. Everyone is welcome

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: Mid-week Lenten dinner and service. Dinner at 6:00 pm and service at 7:00 pm.

March 8, 22: Catechism class meets at 4:30 – 6:00 pm. Parents please make every effort to have your children at these important classes.

March 5: VBS planning meeting at 1:00 pm. Lunch will be provided before.

March 9: Evening LWML will meet at 7:00 pm. All ladies are welcome to come join this mission minded group.

March 10: Keenagers meet at 1:00 pm. Bring your favorite finger foods and games to play and join the fun.

14: Braille- if you would like to help with important mission project, please contact Marilyn Kirk.

March 12: Daylight Savings Time begins.

March 16: LWML meets at 9:30. All women are welcome. Council meeting will meet at 6:00 pm. All Council Members are encouraged to be there.

March 18: Every One His Witness workshop will begin at 10:00 am.

March 25: All members breakfast at 8:00 am with devotion and work around the church.



Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 2:7

Our parents were our very first caregivers. We were totally dependent upon them for everything. They took on the awesome responsibility of meeting our daily and spiritual needs. Our up-bringing brought challenges as they led and guided us on lifes way.

Growing up in a Christian home or becoming a Christian later in life motivates and inspires us to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. Kindness, patience, being fair, assisting other, etc. becomes a natural part of our life.

The time will come when we may become caregivers to family members or friends in need Our faith shines through when we are compassionate and take action to assist by writing, spending time together in prayer and devotions.

One day we may be in the situation where we need assistance. At that time may we be kind and gratful to those who come to aid us.

Give thanks to God for all our blessings and for our Pastor’s and teacher who minister to our souls.

Marilyn Kirk, Evangelism


Lent is a season of penance and abstinence to allow one to forcus more on the blessings of Christ People often struggle to give up something which as meaning for them. It may be food or drink, some television program or anything else which may have special meanng for them. It is considered a sacrifice.

One pastor beieves that while sacrificing is good for the focus on Christ, it may be more meaningful to add something. The suggestions ranged from more Bible reading and prayer to spending more time with spouse, children, someone on the church prayer list or possible a co-worker or neighbor. There are many possibilities when a person considers adding to their life during Lent.


Any church congregation can always improve its management of the gifts of God. Bible study and prayer are positives in this effort. More can be done, however, on an individual basis, by doing other things. Among those, several may be included. There is choir (for those that can sing), the monthly Saturday workday (for those that are interested in cleaning and improving the church facilities), serving in various congregational office or positions, and other activities.

One learning event is coming up soon, is the Every One His Witness Workshop on Saturday, March 18. This is a program designed to help Lutherans to be more active and effective witnesses of Jesus in their various vocations. Resources focus on witnessing in the context of the relationships people already have rather than strangers. Dave Wilson, Stewardship Director


Our mission offerings at Redeemer Lutheran during the Sunday school hour and through “Missionary Prayer Pals” offerings in the Sunday offerings from January through June, 2023 have been designated for Missionary Pastor Jason Steffenson and his family. Pastor Steffenson previously served as pastor at our Lutheran congregations in Ada and Sulphur, Oklahoma, but has now accepted the divine call from our Synod to serve in Tanzania, Africa. There he will teach pastors the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek at a new seminary in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Pastor Steffenson and his family were in St. Louis in November for new missionary orientation and made a trip to Tanzania in December. The Steffensons will head for the mission field this summer. In the meantime, the Steffensons’ sons, Johanes and Immanuel, are finishing their school year in Ada, and Pastor Steffenson is making presentations across Oklahoma and beyond. You are invited to generously support the Steffensons’ mission work. Also, please pray for this family as they serve in Tanzania. Ask God to bless their efforts to learn Swahili and acclimate to their new home. Pray also for the new seminary where Jason will serve, that it would equip students to serve the church and share the Gospel message. Thank God that the Steffenson will serve His people in Africa.


Please take notice that the time the Keenagers meet has changed. They will be meeting at 1:00 pm, the second Friday of every month. Come and join in the fun! Bring your favorite snacks and games and enjoy the wonderful fellowship!


MIRIAM by Mesu Andrews

This is a story about Miriam. It begins when she is eight years old. She and her brothers, Moses, and Aaron are living in the land of Egypt along with the other Israelites. You will find out about her life as she grows older and the part, she plays in helping the Israelites leave Egypt to go into the promised land.

Located in 1-Fiction

EACH DAY WITH JESUS by Rudolph F. Norden

This is a daily devotional book for one year.

Located in 4-Devotional


This book contains 365 devotional readings.

Located in 4-Devotional